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How is your experience as a koodo prepaid customer?

I am thinking of switching to koodo prepaid. just wondering if anyone has prepaid and how they are finding the service and anything else the like/dislike about prepaid vs monthly.
I am currently a monthly customer and based on my usage, i think i could really save money on prepaid... 
just weighing some pros and cons...
my data usage is very random. one month i may use 3mb the next month i can use upto 100mb
and i use about 50 minutes of talking per month...i currently pay my bill through my cibc (online) account.
thanks for your input.

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I'm on the $30 prepaid, which gives calling anywhere in CDA with no long distance charges and unlimited same off hours and weekend. My normal data usage is 50mb per month.

The 100mb data limit is only a problem when I forget to turn on airport (no mobile connection) when there is WiFi handy. Not working WiFi can also be a problem, then I have to go mobile connection. Additional data when needed can be purchased.
I suggest you evaluate your data usage for several months, before making the decision.
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Very satisfied with prepaid. Monthly texting baseplan renews ($15 less 10% credit) and the rest, bought on long-term average usage, $$$ never expires.

Downsides, which most people can ignore: no international roaming whatsoever (phone will not work in USA), premium features suppressed (wifi hotspot, call forwarding), billing starts from when a connection tries to start (first network use) rather than when call gets picked up.
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I've been a satisfied prepaid customer for nearly five years. The plus side, data or talk booster add-ons never expire. Unused minutes and data rollover to the next renewal period. I've been able to stretch 500 MB of data over three months or more. Wi-Fi of course helps out and I use it wherever/whenever possible.

Not really a downside and more a matter of personal choice. The $25 baseplan I'm on is restricted to 7 pm unlimited evening and weekend [b]local calling. Choosing a $35 or $50 baseplan allows one to make Canada-wide calls and unlimited evening and weekend calling starts at 5 pm. I don't make many long distance calls, so this baseplan is a perfect fit.