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How does prepaid work?

Ok, I read the information on the website and just want to make sure I got this right. So, a prepaid base plan is required. I'd go with the 15$ minimum/month which gives unlimited text but no long distance phone calls. Is that right? I'd need to either add at least a 5$ booster to make long distance phone calls or go for a more expensive base plan? Does the 15$ base plan include local calls? I'm under the impression that it doesn't. Finally, prepaid, to me, = pay as you go. Koodo's prepaid service, as far as I understand it, is a monthly plan. Does Koodo have any actual "pay as you go" options?

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The $15 base plan does not include local calls however it does have unlimited messaging and pic messaging. You need to have a talk booster in order to make LD calls. This is the closest thing koodo has to "pay as you go" since you can buy boosters and use them until they run out however a base plan must be kept active.
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Koodo's prepaid is actually better than all of the others because of the non expiring booster add ons. Once you add it, it doesn't expire until you use it up. I see what you mean regarding a "real" pay as you go option since a base plan is required each month, but nobody else has what Koodo prepaid has established.
I can see the advantage, but the phone I'm looking to purchase will be used by my young nephew while he's away at a soccer tournament. In this situation, this kind of plan would end up being the more expensive option. Thank you both for your quick and honest answers. Can I mark both as good answers? I'll try!