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How do I discontinue use of koodo

I purchased an Alcatel phone with a $50 top up card from Walmart in Canada only after I was reassured by the sales lady it will work in the United States. I found out after setting up and paying $15 for basic (like salesperson suggested) the phone does not work here. Can I please cancel the whole setup and get re-embersed for the monthly $15, the $10 for extra talk and the $50 top up card I purchases?

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Prepaid does not work outside Canada so if you were told that I'd go back to the sales person you had help you and talk to them about the issue.
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Well, I suggest you go back to Walmart and get reimbursed for the whole shabang. The Walmart person was incorrect so there should be nor problem with the refund. Since you have a prepaid service there is no need to call koodo. Prepaid services expire on their own don't get cancelled. Which walmart store was this?
Penticton. Unfortunately I am in the Us for 4 months so cannot deal with that til next April. Thanks