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Horrible experience with Koodo!

Horrible experience with Koodo! I purchased a smart phone for my kid as a birthday.gift from Koodo. It was a monthly plan before. After I realized he used too much data, I terminated the old contract and switched it into a prepaid. I bought a SIM card at one of the Koodo’s stores. Spent over an hour for activation but failed. At the last step of registration, it always said “We are unable to verify your credit card information, so this transaction could not be completed. Your credit card has not been charged" no matter what type of cards I used. Attempted a couple of days later, no luck again. I used my cards on other occasions during that period of time, and there was not even a single problem. Apparently, something wrong with their system. The third time I tried, I could not even log in with my email address. Tried with different email address, the 4th time, it is said my 19 digital SIM number is not exist. Hours and hours of my time were waste! I found on their website someone else had the same problem before, so I left message on online community but no response at all. VERY disappointed with the service!

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In that reply people offered several suggestions including calling in to Koodo. Did you call into Koodo?