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Help me activate

I am trying to activate my mobile prepaid, I can not get by step 4. I filled in all the required blocks but when I hit continue it takes me back to the start of step 4. I filled the stared blocks several times and I continue to be put back to the start of step 4. Plse advise

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Hi Joan,

When filling out the information, make sure you fill in everything carefully and make sure you enter the proper information. From our end at the community, we can't access any accounts or really help much with the creation of them apart from giving you the link your already on. Your best bet would be to contact Koodo using 1 (866) 995-6636 from another phone. They will assist in the account creation for you.
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canada ball wrote:

Call my dad because he got a new phone in hamilton and call my dad in hamilton 9055291281

please, please, PLEASE stop posting personal information like that on the community. No one will call your dad, if your dad needs help with his phone get him to contact Koodo using *611 from his mobile phone.