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Hi, I have a Base Plan: $15 Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture) and whenever I try to add a Talk Booster 500 - $25.00 in Koodo's webpage, I get the message: "One or more selected Boosters could not be added to your account. Please top up and try again. Click here to check your Transaction History." I click on the check your Transaction History Link and see that no booster has been added. Do you know what's wrong with the site? What should I do to get the booster? Thanks in advance for any information that you may have! Best, Francisco

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Maybe you don't have enough money on your account to add a booster?
I'm afraid that's not the problem. Thanks for the reply nonetheless!
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If you have enough money on your account and the self serve doesn't let you add a Booster, I would call customer service. (Tell them you tried through self serve but it didn't work) * 611 from your Koodo phone