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haven't received verification email

  • 25 April 2018
  • 3 replies

Its been about 24 hours at this point I have checked all email folders I got an activation detail email about 2 hours after I setup my account and the phone but still no verification email.So obviously it has the proper email because I got the activation email that also said I would get the verification one. Is this usual does it take a few days?

3 replies

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I have noticed this issue popping up more often every now and then.

The verification email should arrive soon after it is sent or else it expires.  If you are having trouble receiving it, I recommend contacting Koodo via private message on Facebook or Twitter for a rep to check the email  on their end and have them resend it 
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This email might never come and you don't need it. If while setting up your prepaid account and everything went fine, your phone should work. Now just go and set up your prepaid self serve log-in.
Thanks tried the 611 and got everything set up in seconds calling koodo itself was useless and still haven't received the email. So basically if you have issues try *611 first and maybe that will solve all your problems