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Got new phone, can I exchange my existing prepaid micro-sim to a nano-sim free of charge?

I have a prepaid plan with Koodo. 
So I broke my phone and got myself an iPhone 5s that requires a nano-sim. I originally had a micro-sim, can I just exchange the micro-sim with a nano-sim without being charged?

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No, there's a $10 charge for postpaid SIM Cards. Purchase one from your local Koodo or retail partner then visit your self serve account and under phone you'll be able to activate the new SIM Card. Then just put it in the new phone and away you go.
*if your on prepaid it's $20 for new SIM cards *
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Hello, No you will need to buy a new sim card, Koodo sells them at all their kiosks for 20$.
Okay, thank you guys! I appreciate your time and quick response.

Cheers 😃