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Going on an Alaskan cruise with prepaid. Will I have coverage?

I will be going on an Alaskan cruise in May and was wondering if I would be able use my phone at all from at sea. Also can Koodo charge roaming fees to prepaid accounts or will I just get cut off from the carrier?

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No your prepaid phone will not work at all.
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First of, have fun on your cruise!!! We went last June and it was AWESOME (HAL, MS Zaandam). You will have some coverage while going past Vancouver Island, but it's very intermittent. You won't have coverage at all in Alaska, because Koodo does not offer roaming on prepaid. You'll just be cut off then 🙂 You can buy local prepaid SIM cards over there though in most ports so if your phone is unlocked, you can just insert it and use it while in Alaska. The ship offers WiFi but it is VERY expensive... we never used it. They don't guarantee it works at sea either, and in ports you can just use the local facilities which are much cheaper and/or free anyway.