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Getting "unable to process transaction" message when using a valid card

  • 7 September 2019
  • 8 replies

My son has had a prepaid account account with Koodo for 6 months, it has been automatically billed to my credit card without issues until this month. This month's transaction did not process (credit card was fine) and when I try to process it manually (using 2 different, valid credit cards) I get the error message below. I changed the account profile from his name to mine (addresses are the same - and it processed without issue for the past 6 months) but it still declines. I have wasted several hours on this now.

Unable to Process TransactionWe are unable to verify your credit card information, so this transaction could not be completed. Your credit card has not been charged.

8 replies

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I can flag thisbfor a rep to look into. In the meanwhile can you use another payment method?
Other than credit cards I think my only other option is to go out and buy a voucher?
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I believe so yes.
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Try paying through the phone itself, *611.
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You could also schedule a callback with Koodo to have them manually (re)add your card. Strange that your card was suddenly rejected!
I am having the same issue! Same Visa Debit I've used for all purchases in the past! Paying through phone does not fix it.
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This is a senseless ongoing issue. You would think that the first order of business is to make sure people can pay or at least correct a mistake efficiently. The generic unable to process is decidedly not helpful.

First thing to check: was your card renewed recently? Koodo may not have the correct expiry date or security code on file.

Sometimes deleting your current card and replacing it with a completely different one will work. Double check your billing address in your Koodo profile and make sure it is letter-perfect with what shows on your bank records.

I suspect that if your card has been declined once for whatever reason, it gets permanently flagged as invalid by the system until you can call in or replace it with something else.
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@ electriques, and @ GreatPotential In addition to Bob's recommendation, if you can dial 611 from your cell, call it and speak to Prepaid CS. I can't recall if my call went direct to the Prepaid or I had to hit numbers. They ask for your "pin" and you're good to discuss. Recently I had a reason to contact them and from the time I dialed 611, explained my problem, having it corrected, until I hung up after the conversation, was a total of 18 minutes and a few seconds.