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Getting a number for pre used phone

I was just given a Koodo prepaid phone from a family member,it is preused but the existing number that was on it has already been transferred. I am in a completely different province from the original owner and new to Koodo,I don't know where to go to get a new phone number and get the phone registered to my name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Kriss, You'll need to buy a prepaid SIM card ($20 from Koodo) and activate that, then you'll have an account of your own 🙂 You'll get $20 credit so in effect, the SIM card is free 🙂 Congrats on your new phone, what model is it?
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Go to a koodo kiosk and get a prepaid SIM Card if it takes a SIM Card which will cost $20 but comes with $20 worth of start up credits. you can open an account online or by calling or they may be willing to help you set up your account there. When set up you'll get a new phone #. If the phone doesn't take a SIM Card it can't be used on prepaid anymore.
Thanks for the replies:) This is a second hand phone (a couple months old) i don't know the model yet because Canada post hasnt dropped it off yet this am. The phone,where it was used before,already has a sim card,is this sim card no longer able to be used? The initial phone number that was on it is no longer on it,it is essentially deactivated.
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The sim card is tied with the phone #. If you wish to change the # and put everything under your name and # you'd have to purchase another prepaid sim at $20 and activate online.
ok makes sense,thanks for the clarification:)