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Get a refund on my credit

  • 27 September 2017
  • 4 replies

How to get a refund on my credit

4 replies

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Did you overpay your bill? You can request the money to be reimbursed by contacting Koodo but you can also, and I suggest, just leave the extra payment on your account and it will just be applied to your next bill.
I have overpaid my account by 2 extra payments. I would like to have it refunded

Is there someone there talking to me

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Is there someone there talking to me

hi Judy,
The forum is not a live chat. We are mostly customers like you here.
If you would like to have your payment refunded, you need to contact Koodo directly (facebook/twitter/calling). You could also leave your money there, and don't have to pay for the next 2 months.

 I would suggest you send message to their facebook, so no need to wait on phone.