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From prepaid to Wind monthly and wanting to go back to prepaid, but unable to!

So here is the back story: I was a Koodo prepaid member for a couple of months when a friend suggested I try Wind out. So I did. Wind was alright while I was in St. Catharines. Suddenly I need to relocate to Timmins and there is no Wind coverage, instead they piggyback on Telus/Koodo network. So I went to a Telus store and bought a prepaid sim card, installed it and now I am having troubles. First, my login account for the prepaid section is frozen. Understandable, I did switch to Wind. Second, I try the "Register Now" button and enter my phone number. I get this message: "The phone number entered is invalid or you may have created your profile already". Third, I call Koodo customer support. No help whatsoever. She tells me I have to buy a new prepaid sim card, which I told her I did. Then she says she cannot activate my prepaid account because there is no line attached, which I agreed. But when I inform her that I am trying to register BACK onto prepaid from Wind, she tells me that my number is gone... Which it is not, because I am using it to talk with her on the phone. If anyone has managed to read this far, I really appreciate it. What should I do now? Should I call tomorrow and hope to get another cust rep, or do I have to abandon my cell number that I have kept for six years?

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Did you port your number to Wind? In that case, you will need to register a NEW account with Koodo (probably with a new email address, at least until things are sorted). Then port your number back from Wind to Koodo. It sounds to me the rep was correct 🙂
Thanks for the comment Sophia. Are you saying I should try and create a new Koodo Prepaid account with a new email address? I cannot get past the verify number step. "The phone number is invalid/already used in a profile".... A profile I cannot access because its deactivated...
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Chris Simpson wrote:

Thanks for the comment Sophia. Are you saying I should try and create a new Koodo Prepaid acco...

Ok what you're doing "wrong", I think... is you are trying to active with a number that you already own (now at Wind). Activate your line with a new random number, and then proceed to port in your Wind number. Make sure you use this link to activate (and not the regular self service one): https://activateprepaid.koodomobile.com/