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freeze self service plan

  • 12 April 2018
  • 2 replies

Hello, can any one advise on whether I am able to freeze my prepaid self-service plan for 6 months whilst I go traveling? I would like to keep the current cell number I have when I return to Canada in November.

2 replies

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hi Kale,
The prepaid number could stay "dormant" for 90days without any payment. You would need to top it up & pay the base plan within 90days to keep the number.

So in your case, you could let the number stay offline for 89 days, top it up. Then you could let it there for another 30 + 89days.
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You can port it out to an inexpensive VoIP service for a few dollars a month. Install Zoiper on your phone, and have use of your current Canadian number wherever you have wifi or data services available. Beyond that, the VoIP calls can be forwarded to your current cell number if that's important.