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False information / Credit Card issues on Prepaid phones

Cannot activate Prepaid phone. I bought a HTC Desire 320 today and advised the clerk that I do not have a CC and that is why I want a pre-paid. I have been a victim to identity thift before and I am extremely cautious when releasing any sort of information. I was advised that I could pay via debit or pre-paid vouchers purchased from the store and no CC was necessary. I have arrived at home and I am on step 8 of the activation process. I have already purchased the 50 dollar plan for the first month and was told that I would be fine for 30 days until I had to top up my account with a voucher. That being said, step 8 of the activation is a clear contradiction to the information provided by the store employee. I wish for my phone to be activated immediately without further delay or I will be forced to pursue alternative actions to have the issue resolved. I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau and reported the matter under fraud / providing misleading or omitting false information. I will contact the BBB once again when the matter is resolved.

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Wow, Koodo is useless. Can somebody help. I just figured out that I can use the vouchers but for some reason it wont let me activate until I pay another 30 dollar voucher. It claims that I need to buy the 50 dollar plan to start,( with a 20 dollar rebate) coming to a total of 33 bucks or some s***. I ALREADY PURCHASED THE 50$ PLAN IN STORE!!!
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This is a customer forum, not a direct line to koodo. If you would like an immediate, official, response, you would do best to call them directly at 1-866-995-6636. Just press 0 if you don't hear the right option. There is no requirement to sign up for a $50 plan, but I'm not sure if the total prepaid activation procedure since I've always been on a monthly plan. Maybe one of our other mobile masters will weigh in on this, but it would still be a response from another customer.
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Timo Tuokkola wrote:

This is a customer forum, not a direct line to koodo. If you would like an immediate, official, ...

Best to contact Koodo directly, noboby on this forum can help an account-specific issue. You paid the $50 for the $50 plan at the boutique, how did you do it? I know it doesn't make sense, but debit cards can take a few [i]business days to process to the merchant, while credit cards go likkety split, and this is a weekend. There's also no way for any of us to access step 8 on a prepaid activation without having a SIM in hand and actually wanting to activate a phone. What particular information is required on that screen that is not working for you?
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If it was me Mike and I had just bought a phone and plan today, I would go back and get them to help. I went to a koodo kiosk and they set my phone up, set up self serve for me, checked that everything worked and explained exactly what I was getting in my plan for what I paid, the discounts etc. Maybe because I'm an old guy but the young lady could not have been more helpful and it took her about 10 minutes where it would have taken me probably hours and been frustrated worse than you are. I wouldn't go back threatening them though, they might just be too busy.
Thanks for the help, but I went back and returned the phone. Fido offered to get me a solid plan and set it all up in store so there's no problem. Thanks though.