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Electronic Gift (Top Up) Cards - Pre-paid and Postpaid

I have a lot of Friends and Family Members who use Koodo Mobile. Some are local and others live away. It would be awesome if I could send a Digital "Top Up Card" from my Koodo Account to theirs easily. This could be done through email or through the Koodo System. I am on Pre-Paid, but that should not limit me providing a credit to a Post-Paid Koodo account.

This can oviously be done a multiple of ways, but their should be a "Friend" based system where we can.gift each other (Holidays, Birthdays and Social Gatherings).

The current process of buying a top up card at a store, emailing (or sending in a digital fashion) the friend the code, and having them add it to their account is a long a tedius process that doesn't bring any excitement to the event that is happening. Make it better Koodo!

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