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double charged and no balance?

i topped up my account via credit card, but it's not showing up on my phone balance, but its removed from my credit card balance. it's also showing two transactions, one to my credit one to my debit both of 36.75 am i paying double?

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Did you try to pay with both? Usually on Credit Cards there is a delay until the transaction is fully approved, so you will see it on your online banking as un-authorized transactions... Once the transaction was approved, if you still don't see this reflected to the Koodo account, you may then check to see if you made this payment to the right account, it happens sometimes that payments go to different accounts. Another thing I may think of, is that when you did the payment, the account was suspended, then when the payment was done, the system right away took that amount and renewed the base plan taking all the funds available on the account.
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Credit card payments are usually instant and online banking transactions are the ones that take 3 to 5 days for processing but prepaid has always been one of those finnicky things...
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You really need to speak to a customer service rep about this. Please call 611 from your mobile.