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Double charge for top up and another $11 what is that for?

  • 17 March 2018
  • 4 replies

$11 extra charges everytime i top up for my monthly payments

4 replies

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Hi Eden,

Was your prepaid account under temporary suspension at some point? If so, did you add additional funds to try to reactivate your prepaid account?

Can you post a screenshot of your transaction history? (Do not include any information that personally identifies you). Login to your prepaid self serve account, go to: Billing > Transaction History.
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Can you post an edited screen shot of your transaction history? Be patient... it can take a few minutes to populate while Koodo searches.

Can somebody help me....supposed today my plan 25cad will expires, so i top up to 40cad...by mistake i was chrged doubled...and its like 91cad...thats too much for 1month only...1more question is like today it will expire but i already top up, i can use that for ff days???
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hi Glendl Bendana Trinidad,
What do you meant by "charge doubled"?. Was it from your selfserve or it was from your credit card company? I would check in your selfserve and see why you were charged double.
and Yes, the topup amount will go to the next month baseplan charge.