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Does koodo have better prepaid plans than telus?

I have a telus prepaid (which i lost the phone now but im trying to buy the Samsung SIII or samsung ace 2 ) and I think I should go with koodo but i do not know if koodo has better prepaid plans then telus?

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It depends on what you are looking for, Joelie. There are quite a number of differences between Telus and Koodo in their prepaid plans, rather than list them for you (which I did today - in another thread already anyway) 🙂 Can you tell us what you are looking for in prepaid? Then I'll tell you honestly which one might be better for you 😃
koodo is better for sure anyway) i use it
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In my opinion, Koodo has the best prepaid plans in Canada due to the non-expiring talk and data boosters (as long as you maintain your base plan). My advice is to compare the plans yourself and see if you agree.