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Do prepaid SIM cards actually exist?

 No koodo "stores" I've been to have them.   Already a monthly customer and bought an unlocked phone for my daughter but can't get a SIM card anywhere.  Call the local stores and get told to leave a msg and they'll get back to me in 1 business day.  Seriously?    Ready to say screw it and get us both on Wind.

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All 13 stores in my general area have them in stock.
I'm in southern ontario
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Hey CJ! All Koodo kiosks have both Prepaid and Postpaid SIM cards. Most retailers should have Prepaid SIM cards as well. I invite you to call up your closest locations http://koo.do/kdostore and checking with them 🙂.
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I work for a major multibrand wireless retailer, and neither me nor my competition next door (who I previously worked for) sell prepaid Koodo SIM cards. Customers have to go to the Telus store across the parking lot to get one for $20