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Do I really need a base plan? I would rahter just pay per minute.

Why do I have to pick a base plan for prepaid use?. I would rather pay per minute/text for phone and text and then add the data plan as that is my primary use case. Minutes and texts go unused.

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Unfortunately the current prepaid plan dont work like this. But it's a great idea. Why dont you suggest it as an idea
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I like the current way Koodo's prepaid works, however, seniors (looking at you mom!) would much rather have something like this! In fact, it's all I'd need to bring my mom over to Koodo (she's currently with a gasoline-scent MVNO). I currently top up her account 3 times a year, $25 each time, so for $75, I cover a whole year for her (can you guess she's a light user?). The current prepaid formula works great for me, but we need something for seniors too, and this might just be it! Great idea dion.rowney!
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Agreed, it's a great idea and I've actually suggested something along those lines a long time ago: make the unlimited texting a booster just like the others ($5 for 250 messages, $10 for 1000 and $15 for unlimited for example). However, the downside of this is that Koodo would probably have to change many more features in order to still make a profit - in effect they would have to become a clone of all the other prepaid services out there. Calls would have to cost at least $0.20/minute again and data would not carry over any longer... to me that would be a rather high price to pay so I'm afraid we're stuck with the base plan system. I love the idea but not if it would mean giving up the unlimited boosters and cheap calling 🙂