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Do I need a credit card to get a Tab/Tab Plus from Koodo?

I am currently a customer of Koodo with a prepaid plan for the past 3 years, I love Koodo so much more then the other mobile companies that I was with previously.I am looking into getting a new phone soon and all the phones that I have been looking at are pretty expensive, I now I want to stay in the Samsung brand. I was wondering if I need a credit card to be able to apply for a Tab or a Tab Plus or if I have any other options or avenues that I can try?
Thank You for your time.

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You don't need a credit card just need to have credit history, and even if you don't have history Koodo might still be able to find a way to get you into one of those tabs
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Without a credit card, Koodo will do a credit check through your SIN. Even if you don't pass. you might be allowed on the spending limit program where your tab would be limited (less than 200$ I believe) for about 6 months.