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data problems with my cell phone

I Have gotten the 100Mb data boost plan on my cell phone Spet.17th and it is now October 14th and my cell phone will not let me use the data, keeps saying I dont have the data plan. can you please help me with this, either i want it fixed or the $ added back onto my cell cause i cant use it. 😞 would much rather the data though

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IT actually says on the phone that you can't use data because you dont have a data plan? or if its just data thats not working, try a battery pull out or reboot then try resetting your network settings
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What is the model of you phone?
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Hey Traci, we here in the community don't have access to your account details. If it's a limitation where the device is somehow preventing the add-on from being applied, or if you're seeking a credit for the amount of time the add-on has been inactive, a call to customer service is your best option at *611.
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Hi Traci, Booster Add-ons don't expire but base plans do! Did you renew your base plan (after 30 days)? That could explain why data doesn't work anymore! Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.