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Data isn't working?

About a month ago I paid for 1 GB of data on my prepaid Koodo phone. This is $30 worth of data for those of you who may not know. My base plan is a $15 texting plan. Shortly after purchasing the data, my base plan ran out and I was unable to renew it right away. However, I was not concerned because the website claims the data carries over.

Now, a month later, my account overview says I have only used a little over 200 MB out of 1000 or so (whatever amount of MB equals one GB), but when I turn it on it refuses to work. My base plan is up and running - meaning I am able to text - and I always have service where I live. My phone is an Alcatel Lume and works fine for everything else; the ONLY issue I am having is that my data is refusing to work. Can someone offer any suggestions on how to fix this? I am getting very frustrated with it because that's $30 wasted.

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Boosters don't expire so long as you don't let your account lapse, so don't worry about it being wasted. Try restarting your phone. If that doesn't work reseat your Sim card and then restart your phone. Is data turned on in your phone? Let us know if it works after that.
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Make sure your APN settings are correct