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data deducted for what reason?

  • 5 September 2019
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I just switched to the 15$ plan that includes 250 mb data. I am at home with an internet connection. I also have a firewall to stop all data usage except for phone calls and texts. Within a couple hours of changing my plan, 5.23 mb were deducted. I received one text from Koodo thanking me for top ups. My firewall shows Android system using less than a mb of data. Why this deduction within a few hours of switching my plan? I wasn't using my phone off the internet and the browser is firewalled from data. Edit: my phone is an Umidigi F1, if that helps.

11 replies

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5mb is nothing so it could be used very qui ckly doing nothing just apps working in the background. Check on your phone data usage what app used data
I have a firewall app monitoring data usage down to the half hour. Specifically, in the last day, no apps used data other than Android system, which used a total of 7.2 kb since 12 noon yesterday.
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Not your firewall I'm talking on the phone in the settings of the phones data usage it will show what used your data, what does that say not your firewall ?

I've never had a firewall on my 50 devices over the last 10 years on a phone or even know why you'd need one other than to slow your phone down but that's beside the point.
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Check your usage over a longer period of time. I run with data on now that the new prepaid baseplan includes it, but typically only check email or do minor surfing every few days since wifi is almost always available. Total usage over a 30 day period has never had more than 10 mb "leakage". The "free" 250 MB more than covers it. On many phones you can check data usage by app to tag the offenders. The firewall may have stopped your browser, but did it keep email or other apps from checking in now that mobile data is available?
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What does it say is the usage when you check the Android settings Data usage over that time period?
I think I was too specific this morning with my first post. Please allow me to provide the background for my question.

I'm using an Umidigi F1. This is not a Koodo phone. I've had it since mid-July. This phone's Android data usage figures are too non-specific to isolate an app for data drainage issues. The graph shows the combined data usage of all apps back to the beginning of the count cycle without stating/showing the specific times/dates of usage per app. The individual app data figures are accumulated totals back to the beginning of the count cycle without showing instances of usage. This type of information is obviously useless for tracking down app leakage. Since the time I installed the firewall, I reduced data consumption drastically, to the point that the Android graph stopped showing a steep data climb and became a gentle slope for days on end.

The data block I was using with my old Koodo phone barely showed consumption. But when I switched to the new phone, the data consumption rapidly began to rise, at weird times too, like when I was sleeping and not using the phone. All background data was and still is restricted btw. Koodo was showing consumption at times like 3 am EST. I have stable internet. Since this phone's Android data statistics are useless, I installed the data firewall. The weird morning data spikes decreased a lot. But there are still "web" instances of data usage, according to the Koodo usage pages, at the hours I sleep. Sadly, if I don't catch an instant of data usage within a day, the firewall will no longer show the hour of an event, just the date.

Until I switched out the grandfathered 15$ plan to the new one that included 250 mb a month, I never had an incident I could isolate to the hour. Now I do. I received one text this morning. The Umidigi F1 Android system used less than a mb, yet Koodo showed more than 5 mb.

Is there anything that could account for the discrepancy? I trust the firewall's data. It's very specific. I can track by app. It gives graphs by app, showing spikes rather than accumulation. This morning only Android services was using data.
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Receiving or sending SMS texts does not use data.

If there is a picture attachment, then that's a different story. Under the old grandfathered system, without a data booster, those attachments were free... data was used but not tallied against your account and would work even if you had no data booster.

They are also supposed to be free with the new baseplan, but perhaps there's a glitch in the reporting mechanism.
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Bob hit the nail on the head... Picture texts do not count against your data, but due to the glitchy prepaid self service still show up as data used, and always as 5mb (we had this discussion before but too lazy to look it up).

With the previous prepaid plan even people without a data booster would see the 5mb. I wouldn't worry about it 🙂
As in the first post, the text I received was a text from Koodo thanking me for top ups. As Koodo customers, you all know Koodo doesn't send pics while doing so.

Last night, on my Koodo overview page, the data usage on the fresh 250 mb was adjusted down from 5 mb to under a mb. (Edit: refer to first post.)

I'm still researching the weird data drainage since having this new phone (Umidigi F1). I've been looking back through the 90 day usage info on Koodo. Most weirdness was the above-mentioned drains while I slept, but there are several instances of "data events" where a picture message has been attributed to my phone, however both the sender phone number and receiver phone number are my own. I don't know how that's possible. I don't text to myself. Anybody come across this before?

Edit: I apologize if the topic has drifted from the first post when I asked the question in the above para. I'm trying to isolate my data issue as best I can. Maybe the weird picture texts to and from my own phone can provide a clue.
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What happens when you turn your data off at night when you sleep? Does data usage still show up in self serve?
If it does not, then it is definitely something with the phone.
Is your phone charging when you go to sleep at night?
Okay I think I discovered the solution. Since my way of using a cellphone was basically the same as before I switched phones, but I had data drain after switching, I started Googling for info on phones that don't come from a Koodo store. I came across apn settings, something I wasn't familiar with. I've since checked my apn settings and tested texting. The Koodo usage page shows a definite difference. Before it was listing 0 mb in the column for data. Perhaps this column doesn't show fractions. After I switched the apn settings to the Koodo listed settings, texts have nothing registered in the data column on the Koodo usage page. So I believe I know why the phone was having crazy consumption. Wish I had learned about apn earlier.

Still curious as to why this phone is registered as texting pics to itself, but not a big issue if it stops happening.

Thank you everyone for your input.