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data booster charged to my prepaid account - didn't order, didn't get the booster either

  • 10 April 2019
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I am on automatic top ups and have been for years. No issues.
Today my phone quit and said my plan expired.
But I had a text message from Koodo saying top up was successful.
I checked credit card billing and the charge went through.
I logged in to prepaid and viewed transaction history.
I see where the auto top up was credited to my account.
Then I see where a $30 Double Bonus Data Booster was charged to my account, which I did not order.
Because of the $30 charge there was not enough balance left to renew my base plan so that is why the phone died.
I added another $20 and the phone reactivated immediately.

But the problem is - I did not order the data booster, and it does not show up in my list of boosters.

I would like to get either my money back or get the 2gb Data booster - one or the other.

There was some other strange things in my transaction history two days before my base plan renewal data - a $15 charge for base plan renewal, and a $15 credit for "system issue"

3 replies

i decided to call in on the phone line. Koodo support was not able to explain what happened but added the 2Gb booster that I did not order but paid for to my account.

The issue is resolved, but how it happened has not been explained yet. The 2Gb booster option is not even available on the menu to purchase!
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That is very odd. There's a couple people here that are well experienced with prepaid that might be able t chime in but if the rep that you spoke to had no clue, then I don't know!
He basically said he could see the booster was charged to my account, and that the booster did not show up in the list of boosters. He also agreed that the 2 Gb booster was not available for sale at this time so there was no way I could accidentally order it. They fixed it by adding 2 Gb booster to my account, and opened a ticket to find out how it happened and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

How they added the booster to my account looks funny too - instead of adding a 2 Gb booster, they added a 4 Gb booster with 2 Gb already used.