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data blocks once data plan amount has been reached

  • 15 December 2013
  • 3 replies

One of my phones has data on it and the other does not. If I put an amount of data on the second phone (which belongs to my kid) can I put a data stop on it once he hits his limit? He doesn't have a data plan on his phone now and I have a data block so he cannot use any either.

3 replies

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Hi Kathy, I'm afraid not, you can either block data altogether or not at all 😞 One solution could be to get your kid on prepaid, so that you control when and what boosters get added to their account... that way you'll KNOW they can never spend more than you're prepared to pay for 🙂
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PC Mobile postpaid has integrated this into their systems (runs off Telus) so I would like to see Koodo do it too since it's obviously possible. Basically, you can disable overages on minutes or data with a simple tick box so it will actually cut it off once the cap hits and it will notify you via text (all plans include unlimited text in/out). If you hit your minute cap, you can still call inside your unlimited evenings/weekends window. If you hit your data cap, then it stops working altogether. If you absolutely need to use the phone for these things beyond your limit, you can actually change it on the fly. There's stacks available (varies by plan) that you can enable in the self serve portal, by calling customer service, or visiting a Mobile Shop. It's a very, very nice feature that I wish everyone else had.
PC Mobile postpaid has integrated this into their systems (runs off Telus) so I would like to see...This sounds like a really great idea and would help a lot of people that have to keep within a budget and don't need any surprised additional charges on their bill at the end of the billing cycle 🙂