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y dont my sim card activate its new and never been used and it says invalid sim

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Is it a prepaid SIM?
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We need more information, Gordon! Is it a prepaid SIM or one for a regular plan? You mentioned "Prepaid" in your products, are you sure the SIM card has "Prepaid" printed on it? Is it actually a Koodo SIM (somebody tried to activate a Telus SIM earlier today)... Where did you purchase it? And lastly, how did you try to activate it? Let us know so we can troubleshoot you 🙂
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Also did the self serve tell you this or when you put it into the phone after you activated the SIM? If you mean the phone it can take a little for a prepaid Phone to begin working, try while the phone is on taking out the SIM Card and Battery for a minute or so then replace them it usually kick starts the process and gets your phone rockin. Like the others said though you really need to elaborate when asking questions or nobody will know exactly what your talking about. Give a great description of the issue and 99% of the time you will get your issue fixed and your phone running with the help we can all supply you with here.