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hi about prepaid it says :CDMA and LTE are not inclided in prepaid plans"- what does it mean ? does it mean something about ability to talk? Thanks

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Hi Daniel, it's nothing to worry about 😃 CMDA is an old system that Telus/Bell used in the past, and still offer for some of their legacy phones. There are no CMDA phones sold any longer (except second hand, of course), so it wouldn't have to concern you at all 🙂 LTE is a brand new data network that is being rolled out in the cities, it allows for super super fast Internet... but that is usually mostly for power users! In summary, neither term would affect the ability to talk, no worries 😃
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All it means that their prepaid service wouldn't work with a CDMA type phone. The phones they have all need a SIM card. If you bring your own phone it has to be one that take s a SIM card. Taht's all that means.