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Coverage for travelling in the USA

If I am on a prepaid plan, can I add a booster for long distance coverage in the USA, or do I need to move to a montly plan for this service?

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Yeah, there's no roaming available for prepaid. Sorry. To be honest, I think you're better off getting your phone unlocked (if it's not already) and use a local provider in the country you're visiting. It's probably gonna be of better value than a roaming pass.
Thanks....so, how do I go about using my present phone with a new local provider when I get to the States? Do I just go in and change sim card and get a new prepaid acct with boosters?
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Not quite. First you need to make sure your phone is unlocked. Most phones in NA come locked to the provider they're sold under (except iPhones purchased directly from Apple or Nexus devices from anywhere). Look at cellunlocker.net to get started. Most relatively new Koodo phones, once unlocked, will work with T-Mobile (recommendation). Then you'll be using a different provider entirely once you get there since they have their own networks. For $2/day, you can get unlimited usage of the network but only have 2G data speeds (slow but gets the job done) or spring an extra dollar for $3/day you get full data speeds. I believe Chad uses it (or has used it before) in the U.S and he was satisfied.