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Costs $5 to top up with 611??

I bought my friend a Koodo prepaid phone when her employer closed up shop and she lost her job. It's on the text-only plan, billed to my credit card. Now that she has a new job, we both figure she can buy her own talk boosters and top up the phone through 611, rather than me doing it with my credit card online. Well she got a $15 voucher, but she tells me when she calls 611 to top up, the recording says she will be transferred to a live agent and will be charged $5 for assistance. She ended up texting me the PIN code and I put it in online and all is good, but I want this to just be a hand up with her eventually paying for it, not always me doing the top ups. I don't have a Koodo prepaid, so am not familiar with using the 611 service, and my friend lives in another province so I can't get the phone and check this out myself. Can anyone help me out here? How do you top up with voucher PIN codes through 611 without paying $5 extra to top up?

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Topping up is free if you top up using self service, either by phone or the prepaid self service website: https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com/ You don't need to speak to an agent at all, just follow the prompts (or links) - easy as pie 🙂 Edit: I see you topped up using the self service, sorry about the redundant information... but as I said she can top up dialing 611, option 1. No charge!
Thanks for the quick response Sophia!