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Convert plan to pre-paid

As school is starting soon, just want to get your input. 3 in family are in Koodo family plan; 2 of us have the old $20, the other has old $15 plus $5/mnth texting. Fourth member needs a phone and wants the Iphone4. Only plan with Koodo is the $30 one; was thinking of ordering the phone by reloading my tab to 150 (am at 33 now) and paying the $150 difference; then changing it to a prepaid sim card and paying the base-15/month and loading a 25$ 500 minutes booster; figuring he'll use 25-50/minutes per month, this wil l reduce the price from 30/month to ~18. Can this be done: Ordering a phone as a postpaid and then changing it to prepaid (with a sim card) and then opening a new account for him 9understand he would not have access to our family free account) since prepaid and postpaid Koodo do not mix.

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Well, you'll be the owner of the phone so you can do what you want with it. So go for it. EDIT: Just be aware that you'll be in the negative on your Tab so if you decide that you're better off with Prepaid you'll have to pay it out to switch your personal line. Prepaid does seem a lot more reasonable these days.
yes you can do that but you will have to buy another sim card a prepaid nano sim, if it were me I would suggest that you keep it on you account and add the smallest plan this way he can call anyone on that account free, it would probably be the cheapest way as he may find he uses the minutes fast with 30 month plan you can have 100 min free after 5 and on weekends plus unlimited text cd/vm and none of the calls he makes to the other family members will charge his minutes, this will also be canada wide, in my opinion it would be better and more cost effective for you.
Sorry correction nano sim only if it's an iphone 5