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Cheapest Pay as you go Emergency Calling

  • 21 September 2014
  • 2 replies

I have a monthly plan with a koodo phone and sim card. I want to go to a prepaid emergency calling only. How much will this cost to change it over and monthly for calling only? I have a tab of about $30 and have been with koodo since 2008 or 9, so I am hoping I can find an affordable option. Thanks!

2 replies

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Hi Genevieve, Are you thinking about moving your postpaid to prepaid, Genevieve? All you need to do is buy a prepaid SIM card and port your number over. Your postpaid account will be cancelled immediately and you'll receive one final invoice including the remainder of the Tab. You mentioned emergency calling only though. Can you tell us Genevieve how often you plan to use your phone? I am a VERY happy prepaid Koodo customer but if I truly needed an emergency only phone, I would probably look at another provider instead of Koodo. *GASP* I know... but I am a light user and Koodo works for me. Let us know what you will be using your phone for and we'll suggest you the best option 😃
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I hate to be telling this, and even though I love Koodo, but.... for an emergency phone, Koodo [i]may not be your cheapest option. Koodo does have prepaid and it is awesome, but for emergencies, it's a bit on the expensive side. You may want to check out mobile offerings from convenience stores and gas stations. They have "anytime" prepaid plans that could suit your usage better. As for your current Tab, it will simply be charged on your last bill which you will receive through regular mail if you device to leave. If you want to stay with Koodo, then simply port your number to prepaid. Base plans start at $15/month. Hope this helps! EDIT: Sophia beat me to it!!! :oP