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Changing prepaid base plan questions

  • 15 May 2015
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I currently have the $15.00 a month prepaid base plan. My next auto top up is around 8-10 days from now. I'm thinking of switching to the $50.00 a month unlimited Canada wide base plan. So I would need to switch it the day before auto top up takes place? Also I do have some voice boosters left (approximately 350 minutes). I know they don't expire but how does it work when I switch to the 50 dollar unlimited Canada wide? Do the minutes just stay in my account ? Only get used If I were I switch back to a base plan that requires voice boosters? And are you allowed to switch between base plans as often as you wish. Not that I will but wondering if there are any regulations with that. Thanks!

7 replies

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You can hange your base plan now and when it comes time for your renewal, the new plan will take effect. The minutes in your booster will just remain on your account until you switch to a lower base plan that doesn't have unlimited minutes/canada-wide mins. Yes you can pretty much change base plans as often as you would like
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Thank you Ahmad! 🙂
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Hi Shelley, when you change your base plan via Self Serve, it is effective immediately http://koo.do/10sallr. Since there is no proration on prepaid, it means that you would lose whatever remains on the previous base plan. To avoid that, the best is to wait for the day before the renewal. Also, don't forget to adjust the automatic top-ups for you new plan 🙂 Have a great weekend! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Shelley, I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned it but if you're eligible for a post paid account you would be far better off changing to Koodo's $45 plan currently available until May 31. It includes the unlimited Canada wide minutes you desire as well as 1 gig of data. Even if you never use data, the plan is $5 per month cheaper than what you're looking to change to. As well, you would have access to all the other benefits of a post paid plan such as roaming. Further, koodo recently was offering an incentive for those changing from prepaid to post paid.
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Thanks Yannick and Beverley. Beverley, I would be eligible for post paid. Pre paid is suitable for my needs but saving $5.00 and the roaming on the extended network in Manitoba would be ideal. What incentive are they offering for changing from prepaid to post paid?
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Here's a thread about it. Not sure if it is still available though but definitely worth looking into in store. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/prepaid-to-monthly-postpaid-incentives
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Here's a thread about it. Not sure if it is still available though but definitely worth looking ...Thanks Beverley!