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Changing prepaid base plan midway through the month?

I downgraded to $10 prepaid baseplan last week but I would like to upgrade now to the $50 plan, will I lose that $10 where it went to that $10 plan or will I get that $10 towards the new plan?

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you can go get ur prepaid $50 dollar card and you can switch it anytime for it. 🙂
Hi ok good let me try it in and see what its field like
you can go to your koodo prepaid and ask them for a topup or anywhere that has ur prepaid cards and then call *611 and then change your plan or your prepaid online account
i do this all the time,
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As far as I know, if you change your prepaid plan midway through it will renew to $50 plan right away and lest of $10 DOES NOT carry over.
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Nicole, Mayumi is correct... when you change plans on prepaid, your changes will be effective immediately. It is best to change your plan one day before the expiry of your base plan, not mid term. You will lose whatever is left over of your old plan. There actually is no $10 base plan, I take it you mean the $15 one?
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It's not a bad idea to set up your calendar to remind you 3 days before your anniversary date. You'll be aware that you have to renew, if you're not topping up automatically, and be at the best juncture to modify your plan if you feel the need.