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Changing base plan, do I need to input credit card info again for 10% off auto top off? Few other questions too

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I currently have the $15.00 month text base plan. I'm considering switching to the $25.00 month base plan. A few days ago my auto top up for $15 renewed. If I wish to switch base plans now ,can I do that or do I need to wait for my next auto top date? Do I need to input my credit card info again for 10 % off auto tops because I'm changing my base plan? Thanks!

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Hey shelleyc1255, You can change your base plan at anytime, the only thing is if you change it in the middle of the month you'll lose the $15. Just a heads up, there's no need to re-register your cc when changing base plan. Thank you. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Thank you Khaleila! I will wait closer to my renewal date to change my base plan.