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Cannot access 4GB memory card; "sim card full" message

I have a 4gb memory card in my phone, it is empty. I get message that my sim card can only hold 40 SMS messages. Why does it not store sms messages on the 4gb card? This is a real nuissance to keep selecting some messages to delete

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I personally don't save SMS so just taking a guess here but have you tried going into your messaging app and going into the settings in the messaging app and see if there is a setting to switch between where SMS are saved? Also instead of saving SMS to a card why not back them up to a cloud service if your phone provides that, I know some of my Samsung devices back it up to my Samsung account if I so wish and that leaves more room free on say the SD Card for other things.
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Hey Al-Anon, 

Can you tell us what type of phone you have so that we can provide you an accurate answer?

Huawei y330 I've managed to move all existing data to my SD card, that with the help of owners manual, problem solved. Thanks Paul & Veronica