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Cancel mobthly bill switch to pay as you go

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Hey Lorri,

You can visit a Koodo Store nearby http://koo.do/1FGnrCE to get a Prepaid SIM Card and ask a representative to move your number to the Prepaid service. Your Postpaid account will be cancelled after your move your number to Prepaid and you will receive a final invoice for your Postpaid account once it's cancelled.

You may reach our Customer Service if you don't want to keep your number and just want to cancel the monthly service.

Let us know if you have more questions!
Awesome thanks so much
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Lorri Cole wrote:

Awesome thanks so much

The Koodo store will charge you $20 for the prepaid SIM, but that's credited back to your prepaid account when you set it up on-line, so not to worry.

One inconvenience: unless things have changed recently, closing your monthly account means you have to settle your tab on your final invoice, so you may want to take a good look at your cash flow under both systems if that's an issue.