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Canada Wide $45/month - BYOD and contract questions

I want the Canada wide $45/month limited time offer, can I get this using my own (unlocked iPhone 4) device?
Also how much is a SIM card?
Is there any sort of contract? And is there a cancellation fee?
Is it possible to keep my existing Koodo Prepair number?

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also - how long will I be able to keep this plan for at this rate?
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Yes you can bring your own phone.
Sims range in price from 5-15 depending on where you do.
No fixed term contract or cancellation fee.
You can keep your number if it is still active.
You can keep this plan until you switch to another 🙂

Good questions mate
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Yo Russell

-Yes you can as long as your iphone 4 works on Koodo's network (if it is a Canadian iphone then it will)
-$5 for a sim card
-If you are not getting a phone subsidy, there is no tab contract.  There is never cancellation fees at Koodo
-Yes you can port your number over from prepaid.  My recommendation is to set up your postpaid account first.  Then once it is up and running, go into self serve and change your number and there is an option to port your number over.

-You can keep the plan as long as you dont change it.  If you change your monthly plan, then you can only go back to any in-market plan that is available at the time