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can you please look into extending your 90 day validity to your pre-paid sim cards

i have family/friends visiting me from the UK regularly, and we often rely on your pre-paid services as a mean of contact during their short stay. Trouble is, when they return to Canada to visit, their number is no longer active due to not topping up every 90 days. It would be great if you could supply a "traveller's" pre-paid sim, which could be left active for longer than your standard 90 days, and would effectively eliminate people's need to purchase a new card every time they visit. This would make it unlikely that your 'foreign' customers give their business to your competitors when visiting Canada.

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I don't know if they could do that because that would change the whole prepaid sim policy. but you could try posting this in ideas maybe? The thing is if a traveller sim did come out, then everyone would go for a travel sim resulting in lots of ppl not topping up their accounts for who knows how long.
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Just use google voice. For $20 you can have a permanent number. http://www.puravidamultimedia.com/permanent-phone-number-only-20-with-google-voice/
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LairdC wrote:

Just use google voice. For $20 you can have a permanent number. http://www.puravidamultimedia....

Except it's a USA number that doesn't forward to Canada
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Hey look, someone changed it to an idea 🙂
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Chad Burr wrote:

Hey look, someone changed it to an idea :-)

haha where it should be 🙂
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I would love the idea, Lila. However, thinking about your situation, wouldn't something like Telus prepaid (or any of the others) be a better option for vacationers? They could top up with $100 once a year, and use that while visiting... but the credit would stay valid until they top up again (as long as it is within the 360 days). As much as I like Koodo prepaid, I wouldn't recommend it for people who don't tend to use it on a regular basis 🙂