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Can't switch over to new prepaid sim card on unlocked phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S111 unlocked, bought a prepaid sim card & put it in, went through all the settings it showed on the tutorial... but it hasn't switched over yet. Help?

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What exactly do you mean, Kat, when you say it hasn't switched over yet? Can you be more specific what error you're getting? 🙂
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While the device is on take out the battery and SIM CARD for a minute or so and then replace them and try it again, this usually kick starts it to get running but it can take up to an hour or so to become active. Try the battery and SIM Card thing & it really should get going. Please star any answer that helped you solve your issue so others with the same issue can find the solution easily. Thanks
At the top of my phone, it says, "Unregistered SIM"
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Hello Kat, I am glad you chose us for you mobility needs. Have you registered your prepaid sim card yet? if not, visit activateprepaid.koodomobile.com.
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Make sure your phone isn't set to 2g or GSM only in the network settings under network mode. Also make sure you put in Koodo's APN settings in your network settings
Mine cimply cannoy find ay network. What should I do?