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Can't read the pin on the receipt properly

I just bought a $35 top up voucher. The receipt is hard to read and I can't quite make out a couple of the numbers in the pin. I've tried a variety of combinations. I've tried customer service @ *611 and was told he couldn't help me and I've called a Koodo Store and they couldn't help me. Is there seriously no way for a Koodo employee to search a voucher serial number to find a pin#?

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If you bought it at a koodo shop
they will need to eat the cost and print you up a new voucher

West Edmonton Mall
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Hi Pennie,

Go back to whatever store you bought the voucher out, show them the receipt that it printed on and request a new one, regardless what store you bought it at.
It wasn't at a Koodo shop. I had just hoped there would be some other way than having to go back out. Guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the responses!