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Can't log in to online account, can't top up, can't receive calls.

So basically I am unable to top up my Koodo phone with booster credit because I can't log into my online account. I have changed the password once through the "forgotten password" route but it still wouldn't let me log on and after calling customer services today and them changing my password for me, it still won't let me log on with that one! This is beyond infuriating - quite apart from the fact that I now can't make any phone calls, I also apparently can't receive any because I have no credit! If I can't get this resolved soon, I am definitely leaving Koodo because there must be better phone companies out there than this.

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Hmmm......... you should call CS again and have them present (wait on the line) while you try the changed password, Ellie. That is what I did and we got to the bottom of the problem quite quickly that way. You can also top up by calling 611, if you need to add credit to buy more boosters.
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Try clearing the cookies, cache and history of your browser as well as making sure tour browser is set to accept cookies. Also make sure your using Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox newest version of browser as the site is optimized for those browsers. Don't use safari as the Koodo website doesn't play nice with it at all.
Thanks for your help guys. Issue finally resolved after Koodo changed our password THREE times - the third time it actually worked and I could log in - at last!!