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Can't find installed client certificates?

S3 running 4.4.2 - I've installed the certificates from my company a few times. When setting up a new exchange account and select 'Use client certificate' and click the 'client certificates' button, it cannot find any certificates. I've even wiped my phone and started over to no avail. It works fine on different devices running 4.4.2 (verified by IT). Please help!

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Hi there,

If you are trying to set up a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account on your Samsung Galaxy S III, this link should help : http://koo.do/1cGKbrX.


Hi, Thanks for trying. But unfortunately I have been through those steps many, many times. I have installed the .pfx and .p12 certificates many times and they are never found when I click on 'Use Client Certificate'. It does say 'No Certificate' and gives the two locations of where they can be found(same as the example on the link you shared). BUT, I have no way of trying to access them to use them. Please help. Thanks, Scott
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Hello Scott, 

If Nabil's advice didn't work, our technical Support team may further help. Contact them at 1-866-995-6636 (option 6 ) from another line and they will look into it.
As alternative, you can escalate the issue directly with Samsung Canada.

Many thanks!