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Can't add boosters

I can't add boosters to my prepaid phone. I have $$$ in my account so that is not the issue. The problem seems to be with the Koodo site as I have tried from my tablet, home pc and work pc and the same thing happens on all three devices. When I click on the black "Add Booster" button, the screen just refreshes, that's it. The same thing happens on the same page when I click on the "Change base plan". Is there a "backdoor" I can go through to somehow add talk minutes and data?

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Have you tried clearing the cookies and cache from your browsers?
I have, it did not work. The new problem is once I add whatever booster and click on the black purchase button, the confirmation box pops up, but it disappears after 3 seconds whether I confirm the purchase or not. Even when I confirm it, it disappears and nothing happens-no booster gets added/$$ money deducted from account. I thought I would try from my work phone (Koodo phone belongs to my wife) and for some reason I was able to successfully do add the booster. Must be a setting on my computer I will look into. Thanks.
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Hello Art! We are currently experiencing some issues with out system when it comes to adding boosters, but out technicians are aware and are working at it! Do you think that you can send us an email at this secured link http://koo.do/11eMLdy  with your account information and the details of the error message so we can pass it along to our technicians? Make sure to choose "Social Media" as a category so your email comes straight to us! In the meantime, you can always call in at *611 directly from your Koodo phone (option 1) to recharge your account 🙂 Thank you for your understanding!
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If you are adept at all in elementary French, that site has been reported to work.

Log in to your prepaid self-serve, click the [b]EN at the top right of the page which will toggle the page to French. Clicking on [b]FR will toggle you back to English so you can verify what you're doing.

For top up, fill in the values on the French screen, then click on [b]Réapprovisonnement (instead of [b]top up) or the French equivalent of what you want to confirm on the appropriate English screen (boosters).
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BobTheElectrician wrote:

If you are adept at all in elementary French, that site has been reported to work.

Log in to yo...

This worked for me. To add boosters, the French equivalent is

Ajouter des à-côtés