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Can No Longer Add Boosters

Hi! I have a Koodo Pre-Paid plan where I pay a base of $15 per month and then add data or talk boosters. Previously, I had applied Talk Booster 100 and 500 minutes to my plan. These recently ran out with no minutes left. I went back to purchase another 500 minute plan, but I could not. Nor could I add another 100 minute plan. The only plan it would allow was the meagre 25 minute one. Anyone know WHY I can no longer add the Talk Booster 100 or 500? I noticed on my Booster Usage page that the status for these former plans are marked as "Active" and my account is in good standings (if this is of any help). Thanks for your help!

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It is a very confusing process, James, I really hope Koodo does something about this. You are not the first to ask! Did you try to add the booster by sliding the "Add More" button instead of the arrows? Oh and another thing to check if you have actually added the funds first, $25 for the 500 booster.
Hey Sophia - Thanks for your response. No, I did not try the "Add More" button, but gave it a shot as per your suggestion and guess what? ... It worked! Was able to add Talk 500 minutes. Thanks so much! Now it appears to make more sense (...kinda). If you already have a particular Talk plan, then you choose the "Add More" button to top it back up. But if it's a first-time plan that you are adding, use the arrow button instead. At least that's the way I see it now. Thanks again Sophia!