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Can I use a plan for 1 month only?

Hi, I'm going to be coming to Canada for a month, and I'd like to know if I can get a plan for only one month, or if I have to use the pre-paid plans. Thanks

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You'll have to get a pre paid plan. Why do you want a post paid for one month anyways?
because the monthly plans are cheaper and better suited to my needs 🙂 thanks for the answer 🙂
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You'll need to do a credit check to get the monthly plan account. 😃
and if the SIM wasn't in my name, but someone who lives in Canada (who can pass a credit check), would it be possible to get a regular plan for only a month?
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Yes, certainly Ariel, they can register your plan on their account even and you can call each other for free.
Awesome. Thanks so much for all the help guys 🙂
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Definitely Prepaid will be the best for you!