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can I change the TYPE of automatic top ups? Some months I would like US roaming, other months calling

I am on $15 base plan for texting. I added a talk booster. I also signed up for $5 automatic top-up for calling.
Some months I would like to top-up for US roaming instead. How do I change this?
Under "Manage Automatic Top-ups" The only option I see is to STOP a top-up, or to change the AMOUNT of current top-up.
Do I cancel the current one and add another for each change?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "$5 automatic top-up for calling."
Booster can  be added when you needed. It doesn't add to your account automatically. 

Each Boosters /add-ons don't expire if you renew your account and keep it active.

So, keep your $15 base plan and buy $25 Talk booster for 500 min. And same for your US roaming Booster(s).

You need $15 automatic top-up to keep your base plan and buy Boosters when you need it.
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I find It's easier to keep track of my account by tailoring the automatic top up to match the monthly baseplan, and then manually add some funds and purchase boosters as needed as Mayumi stated above. The boosters don't expire as long as the baseplan is covered, so buying in bulk is a good idea. And you don't have to futz with texting codes to magic numbers on the day before you leave and guessing how much you need for any particular restricted period.