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Call detailed summaries

I cannot find my detailed call summaries. My talk time doesn't seem to match the balance indicated in the online usage summary. When I called the message said that I would be charged for the call. So how can I acces the full details of my incoming and outgoing calls?

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Have have to log into your self serve on your browser and all call details are on your PDF ebill
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If you are on prepaid, log in to prepaid self serve, go to Base Plan & Boosters, then Usage History. You'll see a list of all calls, text messages, and data usage.
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Why can we not see the detailed call log on the self-serve page and have to wait for the eBill? You certainly have the info and also...you display it for SMS...so...what gives? Probably I sound like a broken record...but this info was always available on Bell Mobility (4hr delay).
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I agree MD. Why dont you post it as an idea!