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By Galaxy Core form Koodo for prepaid account?

If I sign up for prepaid can I buy a Galaxy Core LTE from Koodo?

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They should sell you the phone if you go to a Koodo store. Might want to look into going "No Tab" and take a 10% discount on a post-paid plan. They give you way more! Given you have a little credit built up. Hope this helps!
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Hi Keith! The Galaxy Core is only offered to postpaid customers (http://koo.do/kphone) but you can buy the Galaxy Core (unlocked) elsewhere and use it with our prepaid service. Check on our prepaid phones: http://koo.do/Q2pVog. Thank you 🙂 ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Hi Keith, The Samsung Galaxy Core may not be available online for Prepaid, but you can totally buy one in store for use with Prepaid, it's currently selling for $250 on Prepaid.